2011.04.15, Friday
«Left Right»
«Left Right»


2014.10.31, Friday

Temporary Discomfort

_Temporary Discomfort is a short film written, directed and edited by graduating film student Simon Adegbenro. It follows a young man who is visited by his ex girlfriend in a hotel room where they come to terms with the unfortunate circumstances to which their relationship ended.

Temporary discomfort leaves vital parts of the story to the audience for interpretation. Director Simon Adegbenro has crafted what could sometimes feel like a jigsaw puzzle but with the right amount of concentration a pretty easy one. Some have described this film as quite moody with surprises. The film had it’s primer at Kino Moviemento with the screening platform KinoBerlino. If you missed this the film will be  shown at

Landesfilm Festival 1/11/2014- Kino Toni & Tonino  Antonplatz 1, 13086 Berlin Germany                    Time- 10:00am-18:30

Competition Shortcutz Berlin 12/11/2014- Lagari Pflugerstrabe 19, 12047 Neukolln Berlin Germany Time- 20:30-22:30

Check out the facebook page for more information on the cast and crew