2nd Boddinale: Call for entries


Boddinale is a local film festival in the heart of the creative Berliner Kiez Neukölln. Its name comes from the street where it is hosted, Boddinstrasse and what makes this festival particularly interesting for independent filmmakers is that it takes place during the big boys festival: the Berlinale. What could that mean for you? Well, all the film world has its eyes in Berlin during the Berlinale, so if you have your film playing somewhere, even if it has nothing to do with the official event, if you´re savvy enough you can get attention to your film.

But this is not the ultimate goal of the Boddinale, in the end the purpose is to give independent filmmakers a room to showcase their work. It is an event from the community for the community and it is absolutely free.

So they have an open call for entries until December 31st. Head off to www.boddinale.com to submit!


About xagudo

Xavier Agudo is a Berlin-based Venezuelan filmmaker.