Achtung Berlin 2012: Workshops and Parties

One of the most exciting things about film festivals are not the films itself, but the events revolving them. This year´s workshops and parties at the 2012 Achtung Berlin Film Festival are as exciting and interesting as the official competition program.

Here is an overview of the most interesting workshops, talks and “need-to-be” parties (all events are in German):

Dramaturgie to go –  Ein Workshop in Spielfilmlänge (Dramturgy to go –  A workshop in Feature Film duration.)

Facilitated by screenwriter, dramaturgist and professor Silke Cecilia Schultz, this workshop promises to provide knowledge and experience about the mechanisms used by authors to reach audiences and provide unique experiences in the telling of a story.

Friday April 20th, 6 to 7:30 pm at the Oval room in Kino Baylon (free entrance).

25p *Cine Support Camera Workshop

Foto: Kisorsy

The known equipment rental 25p shows what new camera and LED technologies are offering filmmakers for every budget level in what has become a classic workshop during the Achtung Berlin Festival. André Grabinski leads the hands-on workshop where you can test the gear that you can later rent from them for your new project.

Saturday April 21st, 6 to 7:30 pm at the Oval room in Kino Baylon (free entrance).

Kinofilm und Fernsehförderung – eine glückliche Liasion) (Film and TV funding – a happy relationship?)

Many producers depend on the official funding systems of public institutions or TV channels to get their project financed. But getting this coveted euros could present a challenge so big that some doubt it is a transparent, reliable way to fund films. This talk will present ideas for novice filmmakers to get past the trust circles of some TV channels to get commissioned work or have projects financed. The whole system will be explained and different perspectives and opinions will take on the podium .

Sunday April 22nd, 6 to 7:30 pm at Theater 3 in Kino Baylon (free entrance).

 Berlin Mumblecore – Neues independent cinema aus Deutschland

Foto: Kisorsy

Mumblecore is a known term for american audiences familiar with low-budget, ultra real and in your face stories. Many of them are produced improvised, without scripts and with fresh realistic acting. Berlin has also seen a growth in films produced completely independent of official fundings systems, without support of tv channels and any other conventional ways. Many of these films have reached national and international film festivals, making it a movement worth considering. This talk led by personalities involved in this “new wave” of filmmaking like Tom Lass, Heiko Pinkowski, Jost Hering among others will shed light into the differences between American and German Mumblecore, the audience they reach and the techniques or Manifests they follow.

Monday April 23rd, 6 to 7:30 pm at the Oval room in Kino Baylon (free entrance).   

Achtung Berlin Festival Party

The official festival party to see and be seen will take place Saturday April 21st at .HBC starting at 8 pm. Entrance fee is 5€ or 3€ with acreditation.

Lass Bros Trailer Party

Lass brothers presented in 2011 at this same festival their debut Feature Film Papa Gold. This year the bros were responsible for the official festival trailer where they had the chance to make out with a bunch of actors and actresses. That´s why they now invite you to keep the french kissing rolling this April 19th at the V.C.F. Club. 4€ entrance fee, free with acreditation. Watch the trailer here

Premiere Party for „Dickes Date“ (Fat date)

On Friday April 20th the films „Puppe, Icke & der Dicke“ (Doll, me and the fatty), „Dicke Mädchen“ (Fat girl) and „Dating Lanzelot“ will celebrate their premiere in that order starting at 6 pm. Starting at 10 pm, the corresponding party will kick off at Roadrunner´s Paradise with a fat musical program. Entrance fee is 5€ if you don´t have an invitation.

Check out the whole program at their website



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