Achtung Berlin 2012

Achtung Berlin, New Berlin Film Award comes back in 2012 between the 18th and 25th of April.

As usual they will be presenting the new productions from the Berlin-Brandenburg area, mostly as World Premieres.

All films are in German, but some may have english subtitles and they will be shown at Kino Babylon Mitte, Filmtheater am Friederichshein, Pasage Neukölln, .HBC and Kino International.

The opening film is “Puppe, Icke & der Dicke“, something like Doll, me and the fatty. A road movie where Bomber makes his last trip as Courier driver and in the way meets the fat Bruno and the blind, pregnant Europe who is traveling from Paris to Berlin to look for her child´s Father.


Headshots“, the debut film by Lawrence Tooley, promises to give an interesting portrait of the young creative Berlin scene, following a Berlin young photographer whose life is put in perpective when she finds out she´s pregnant and bizarre things start occurring.

A Mystery-Thriller made in Berlin by the name of  ”Der Ausflug” (The Trip), by Mathieu Seiler will givee the eerie touch to the festilval.

The Single-life sucks is the motto of the quirky comedy “Dating Lanzalote“, that´s why Lanzarote turns to an Internet dating site and has to survive eight dates hoping to find his dream girl.

And then there is the futuristic, set in Berlin Neukölln, “Dr. Ketel“, the DFFB graduation film of Anna and Linus de Paoli, where the healthcare system has become too expensive for the normal citizen and a whole chain of underground health companies, black market medications and philantropists have emerged. Dr. Ketel, being one of them.

These are the ones I´m most looking forward to. But there´s a bunch more, including documentaries and retrospectives. You can get the whole program on their Web.

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