BFC’s Top 5 in Cinemas now in Berlin (OV and OmU)

Biutiful – Mexico, Spain, 2010 – Dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu

Biutiful is a love story between a father and his children. This is the journey of Uxbal, a conflicted man who struggles to reconcile fatherhood, love, spirituality, crime, guilt and mortality amidst the dangerous underworld of modern Barcelona.  His livelihood is earned out of bounds, his sacrifices for his children know no bounds.   Like life itself, this is a circular tale that ends where it begins.  As fate encircles him and thresholds are crossed,  a dim, redemptive road  brightens,  illuminating the inheritances bestowed from father to child, and the paternal guiding hand that navigates life’s corridors, whether bright, bad – or biutiful

Hackesche Höfe Kino – Mitte

Rollberg kinos – Kreuzberg


Pina (3D) – Germany, 2011 – Dir. Wim Wenders

PINA is a feature-length dance film in 3D with the ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, featuring the unique and inspiring art of the great German choreographer, who died in the summer of 2009.

PINA is a film for Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders.

He takes the audience on a sensual, visually stunning journey of discovery into a new dimension: straight onto the stage with the legendary ensemble and follows the dancers out of the theatre into the city and the surrounding areas of Wuppertal – the place, which for 35 years was the home

Astor Film Lounge – Charlottenburg

Blauer Stern - Niederschönhausen

Cinemaxx Potsdamer Platz - Tiergarten

CineStar Berlin – Original – Tiergarten

CineStar – CUBIX Filmpalast - Mitte

Filmtheater am Friedrichshain - Prenzlauer Berg

Kino in der Kulturbrauerei – Prenzlauer Berg

Titania Palast - Steglitz


Buried – Spain, U.S.A., France, 2010 – Dir. Rodrigo Cortés

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), truck driver and family man, wakes up BURIED ALIVE in an old wooden coffin. Not knowing who might have put him there or why, his only chance to escape from this nightmare is a mysterious cell phone. Poor reception, battery and lack of oxygen are his worst enemies in a race against time: Paul has only 90 minutes to be rescued.
BrotFabrikKino – Weißensee

Requiem for a dream – U.S.A., 2000 – Dir. Darren Aronofsky

Babylon Kino – Mitte
The film depicts different forms of addiction, leading to the characters’ imprisonment in a world of delusion and reckless desperation that is subsequently overtaken and devastated by reality.

Enter the void – France, Germany, Italy, 2009 – Dir. Gaspar Noé

Moviemento Kino – Kreuzberg

Oscar and his sister live in Tokyo. Oscar survives making small drug deals, while Linda is a stripper in a nightclub. One evening, during a raid, Oscar is hit by a bullet. While he is dying, his spirit, true to his promise to his sister to never give up, refuses to leave the living world. His mind wanders while in the city and its visions become increasingly chaotic and nightmarish. Past, present and future merge in an hallucinatory maelstrom.



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