Die letzte lüge (The last lie) – Movie Review


The “achtung berlin new berlin film award” festival chose to open with Jonas Grosch´s new film “Die Letzte Lüge” (The last lie) for a very good reason: get in the mood, good mood that is. Well they brought in a Rockabilly-Ska band (The Busters) to greet guests while coming in the cinema who happen to be responsible for almost the entire soundtrack of the film and got the party started with their feel good flick.

“Die letzte lüge” is a screwball musical comedy set in Easter at a country house where Lucy (Katharina Wackernagel) and Ole (Leander Lichti) plan to celebrate alone the festivities. But then sudden guests start to arrive, like secret Lucy´s (other) boyfriend and Ole´s (other) girlfriend who happens to be pregnant and slowly the romantic celebration turns into a nut house with more unexpected arrivals.

As I said the movie is filled with a lot of good mood, but not really good humor (in my humble opinion). Sometimes I thought I was watching sketches of some German T.V comedy with clichéd situations and characters. The dialogue cannot be taken as a work of originality and the whole plot is so forcedly contrived that is only obvious where things are leading to.

The good thing is that probably Grosch didn´t pretend his movie to be anything different than what it is, he aimed for a very commercial concept winning laughs here and there, threw in some (completely unnecessary and out of place) musical numbers to try harder to win audience sympathies and wrap it all up with a group of appealing actors and production value to try to sell as much dvd´s as possible at the end of every screening (as well as soundtrack cd´s).

Well, that is actually the best of this movie, the concept, it is how an independent filmmaker bypasses all state funding institutions, raises a very modest budget and gets a very small crew together to try to capitalize as much as possible by self-distributing making screening tours with his cast and band.  That is a real indie spirit and I think it should be applauded and supported, even if the end result on the screen has still some way to go, but I think eventually he´ll get there.

Acting wise there is nothing the actors could´ve done better with the material, they deliver on Grosch´s intention and I am sure they did have a great time doing it. I wouldn´t expect any “Lola” nominations here, but I do thing they are capable thesps with potential, provided good material is brought in.

Technically you would be amazed to learn that the whole photography by Matthias Hofmeister was achieved with no more than a gaffer and an assistant camera, shooting on the RED and color correcting the whole thing by himself. Kudos on that.

Grosch has bet on a hitter by going the silly humor route which will pull the giggles out of many while leaving others with a WTF? expression on their faces. I really support his efforts in trying to pull this one off without any “official” help, a five figure budget and proving you can get together with a bunch of mates, have a great time with a camera and get a festival opening film you can party and tour with.

Die letzte lüge (The last lie) – Germany , 2011 – Comedy, Musical – Dir.: Jonas Grosch – Starring Katharina Wackernagel, Leander Lichti, Sebastian Schwarz – 85 min.



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