Django Unchained – Movie review

djangoDjango Unchained is Tarantino back to his golden years. There really isn’t a bad word I can say about this film. Tarantino has somehow managed to update the western genre and make it in a way that entertains modern audiences. I am not a big fan of directors using hip hop in films set in the 18th century when it did not exist but this was needed in Django to add a little bit of light comedy. Amongst all the violent scenes you will find yourself constantly laughing.

This is really the rebirth of the western genre as it gives Clint Eastwood’s The Good the Bad and the Ugly a run for its money and also makes Christen Bale’s 3:10 Yuma look like child’s play. I remember reading about the screenplay for Django when it was written and it had Will Smith attached to it. I am so glad this wasn’t the case as Will Smith would have made it too much of Hollywood cliché. I think Jamie Foxx was just right for this part, his comedic timing is impeccable and putting him on screen with the lovely Kerry Washington was an amazing idea. They give Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers) a run for their money as on screen baddest couple.

Let’s not forget Christopher Waltz who is currently one of my favorite actors, he plays the German bounty hunter who saves Django so well that you fall in love with him instantly even though you watch him constantly kill people. Leonardo DiCaprio also does a good job playing the villain. We are not used to seeing him play the bad guy but in this film I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing this in a better way. Some critics have complained about how sick and twisted Tarantino films are and wondered if he could do something else but instead of listening to them, what he has shown is that he is the master at what he does. If you want to laugh and also watch a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, show you things you don’t want to see but you can’t stop looking at, Django is the film for you.

Review by Simon Benro



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