In-Edit Deutschland Winners

The first In-Edit festival in Germany came to an end last Sunday April 10th full of Soul and good feeling. After the presentation of the film “Soul Train, the hippest show in America”, the Berliner band Beatorganization gave the musical groove of the evening. Then the organizers of the festival took the stage and announced the two festival winners: the international Audience awards went to “The White stripes”, a film that follows Jack and Meg White in tour in Canada. The German Audience Award went to “Music from the Moon” which follow a puppet thater group and its band to Iceland and Greenland to discover their music scene and its relationship with society.

The organizers say that the festival attracted about 2000 people to the theaters where 33 films, of which 14 were German Premieres, were shown between Kino Moviemento, .HBC and the Kulturbraurei.

Guests like Alan McGee, founder of British label Creation Records, Frank Spilker singer of Die Sterne, filmmaker Frank Wierke between other filmmakers and musicians gave the festival the personalities to which audiences could relate to.

Personally I enjoyed the festival myself, and even if I preferred for the next editions less pulled out of T.V. content and more original theatrical releases, I find that the selection and program was very diverse and related to many facets of the music industry. We only hope that the festival continue its life in the coming years bringing filmmakers the opportunity to show these two passionate art forms together.


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