ttTest is set in San Francisco during the eighties when there was a HIV spread amongst the gay community.  This makes you feel like it’s a story you have heard a million times but Test isn’t. Test has taken a story we are accustomed too and flipped it on it’s head.

Test is about a young dancer who worries he has contracted HIV. This premise leads to some amazing choreography and makes for some beautiful cinematography. Director Christopher Mason Jason a former dancer him self based this film on his life. This is the reason why he felt he needed to tell this story and this drive really shows on screen with what his achieved.

The way he uses colors and lights to tell this story is mesmerizing.  It gives the dance a life on camera and also tells a story.

The film is set in the eighties in the dance scene, so music must have been a big topic and the Director again delivers. His selection of eighties track help tell the story and also the believability of the setting.

The lead actor Scott Marlowe was also only a dancer doing his first job acting and he does an amazing job. For a first time actor he does great job taking the audience with him on this journey.

I am not a big fan of the term Queer Cinema as all cinema is cinema but if i was too use this category am sure this film will be on top of the list. With the success of films like Blue is the Warmest Color at Cannes and Dallas Buyers Club at the oscars, I think it’s now time more films told stories from a gay male perspective. This is why I think we will be hearing a lot more of Christopher Mason Jason in coming years.

This film was shot on a shoestring budget and for that reason I feel like what they’ve managed to achieve is commendable. It feels like if Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan was directed by Gus van Sant this will be the end product.


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