The Grand Budapest Hotel


The Grand Budapest HotelWes Anderson (The royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom) is a name that’s known to most people because the world he creates in his films are so eccentric and unique to him that no one else can do it.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a Wes Anderson film down to it’s very core. It has all his classic techniques such as push in, whip pans, camera moves with dialogues, title cards etc. The films draws on the writing of Viennese intellectual Stefan Zweig.

In The Grand Budapest Hotel we are transported back to 1932 by Mr. Moustafa (F. Murray Abraham) the owner of The Grand Budapest Hotel. He tells writer (Jude law) how he came into possession of the hotel.

Wes Anderson has not only mastered the art of auteur directing he has also made a name for himself as a story teller this is why there is a big line up of Hollywood stars begging to be in his film.  He definitely uses this to his advantage as we can see The Grand Budapest hotel has one of the most colourful cast list of the year.

Wes Anderson has provided Ralph Fiennes with one of his most distinguished roles playing Gustav H the powerful concierge at the head of the establishment. He is a well know ledged, well dressed well-spoken and well-mannered man. He also has a dirty habit of bedding old rich ladies most notably Madame D (Tilda Swinton). She passes away and wills her priceless painting Boy with Apple to Gustav H leading to a fighting frenzy with her son Dimitir (Adrien Brody) and Jopling (Willem Dafoe).

During this fight he is helped by Zero (Tony Revolori). Newcomer Tony Revolori has definitely made a name for him self as actor to watch out for. His on screen charm with Ralph Fiennes as they travel the countryside with various forces on their tail is mesmerizing.  During this journey is where we see why The Grand Budapest hotel is the ultimate Wes Anderson film. The travelling is similar to that of The Darjeeling limited as it mostly takes place on trains, the goofy romance that zero has with Agatha (Saoirse Ronan) is very similar to Moonrise Kingdom.  All Wes Anderson fans will bow to the wonders of this film and non fans will be automatically converted.


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